Services for Consulting Firms

Capability Overview

A few known consulting firms globally depend on us and are our clients for research and analytical support. These include boutique and mid-sized consulting firms across different business areas in the US, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa region.These firms not only draw deep domain expertise through our team but are also able to focus on their core ‘consulting business’ by offloading the need for research and analytical function.

Our portfolio of services include:

Knowledge Database

  • Database creation & maintenance
  • Newsletters
  • Updates on trends and drivers
  • Maintain knowledge repositories

Market Intelligence

  • Market trends
  • Growth and drivers
  • Regular market briefs
  • Market analysis, insights or insights

Quick Answer support

  • Address urgent information requirement
  • Quick answers to queries on behalf of client

Thematic Research

  • Research on specific themes like population growth, ageing population in developed world, clean energy, etc.
  • Short notes for publication, client circulation, etc.

Assignment Examples:

  • A thematic report with long term investment perspective on automation in industries and its impact
  • A market intelligence report on dental health care market for a US consulting firm
  • A dedicated team to research on crypto currency and the trend around the same globally for a founder of a US digital bitcoin based wallet company
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