Capability Overview

KGFin Advisors serves both buy-side and sell-side analysts with a wide range of equity research services, including initiating coverage as well as regular maintenance. Our sell-side clients are able to expand their coverage as we take care of their load not only during the earnings season but also during other periods to initiate new coverage. Our buy-side clients benefit as we share the load of in-depth research on stocks and they are able to focus on their core abilities to identify and explore investment opportunities.

Sell-Side Research

1. Company Research

  • Initiation Coverage
    • Financial Model
    • Equity Research Report
    • Short Investment Notes
  • Maintenance Coverage
    • Periodic Updates – Quarterly / Half- yearly
    • Event updates (M&A, unusual events, etc)
    • Periodic updates of models
    • Short notes on valuation & outlook changes
  • Model Support
    • Stock Valuation
    • Sensitivity/scenario analysis
    • Model updates

2. Sector & Industry Reports

  • Sector Report
    • Industry reports
    • Sector updates
    • Periodic updates and news
  • Thematic Research
    • Macro Themes
    • Investment Opportunity Assessment
    • Investment Notes
  • Newsletter
    • Industry / sector news
    • Economic Indiactors
Buy-Side Research

1. Financial Modelling

  • Financial Models
    • Detailed fundamental models with revenue, cost and all line-items projected in detail
    • Model updates
    • Sensitivity/ Scenario Analysis
  • Quick Estimates
    • Consensus Estimate Aggregation
    • Mean Value Based Models
    • Seasonality Analysis
  • Pre-IPO Models
    • Pre-IPO Stock Valuation
    • Comparative Valuation
    • Sensitivity/ Scenario Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Debt Repayment Analysis
    • Operating Cash flow analysis
    • Analysis of impact of one-off transactions

2. Company Analysis

  • Earning Analysis
    • Earnings Quality Assessment
    • Variance Analysis
    • Comparable Company Analysis
  • Company One Pager
    • Company Overview & Business Description
    • Key Drivers
    • Business Strategy & Outlook
    • Earnings update
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