Business Valuation

We have conducted over 500+ valuations of companies under various transactions. Be it a target company in a M&A transaction or a company intending to sale equity/debt or a company that is investing in a share swap deal, we have expertise to cater to all requirements of our clients.

We provide our clients with formal valuations and certifications in connection with the valuation of the client’s/target organization. Our team carefully analyses facts and circumstances, and provides insight into the valuation methodologies and approaches.

The range of valuation services we provide broadly cover the following:

  • Corporate and business valuations
    • Acquisitions/divestitures
    • Valuation in case of restructuring
    • Valuation of business segments/ divisions for spin-off
    • Determination of swap ratio for M&A
  • Valuation of intangibles
  • Portfolio valuation for private equity/ venture capital funds
  • Financial models and valuation
  • ESOP valuation
Key Assignments
  • Valuation of a large technology company in the US
  • Valuation of private companies and other investment for a $2 billion hedge fund in the US
  • Pre-IPO valuation of a large conglomerate with diversified businesses including construction, maintenance & operations, catering and information technology
  • Valuation of a large group undergoing restructuring with its lenders
  • Valuation of a grooming company in the UAE
  • Valuation of a large hospital company in KSA
  • Valuation of a bakery company in KSA
  • Valuation of a leading logistics company in India recently acquired by a large ecommerce company
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