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Recent Blog

  • September 07, 2022

    How Precise Valuation can be the game changer in Litigation Finance?

    Litigation finance is a rapidly growing industry that provides funding to plaintiffs in exchange for a portion of their potential settlement or jury award. When deciding whether or not to provide funding, litigation finance companies must accurately value the case in order to assess the risk involved and determine a reasonable return on investment. Litigation Finance Investment Market to grow $11.4 bn in 2019 to more than double to $23.3 bn in 2027, as per
    Read more
  • August 01, 2022

    The Peaks and Pitfalls of Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

    Many investors think that the key to making money in investments is to buy low and sell high. While this is certainly one way to make a profit, it requires a great deal of luck and timing. A more reliable method for assessing the value of an investment is to conduct a discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis. What is DCF? Discounted cash flow analysis (DCF) is a financial valuation technique that discounts future cash flows
    Read more

North America

Kenilworth Global Fin Advisors
77 West Wacker Dr, Ste 4500
Chicago, IL 60601.
Phone: +1-312-291-4656

East Africa, Uganda

Fin Advisors East Africa Ltd.
2D Nakasero Hill Road Central Division
Kampala –3160
Kampala, Uganda.

Middle East, Saudi Arabia

Fin Advisors Consulting Building –7387 AthThumamah Rd. Al Rabi Riyadh -13315
Saudi Arabia

Asia-Pacific, India

FA Fin Advisors Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
19, 12th Floor, Tower B Emaar Digital Green
Sector-61, Gurgaon -122011
Haryana, India

Asia-Pacific, India

FA Fin Advisors Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Suite No. 213, Suncity Arcade Sector-54, Gurgaon –122011
Haryana, India