Financial Due Diligence

Our FDD team comprises individuals who have worked with top 4 audit and accounting firms including Deloitte, PWC and KPMG at senior positions. Collectively, the team has experience of working on 100+ due diligence assignment for clients across the globe.

A proper FDD minimizes risk and validates opportunities. It covers all aspects leaving no surprises. Our FDD is flexible and scalable to size and dynamics of each transaction.

We offer a comprehensive set of services aimed at the following:

  • Analysis of the quality of earnings
  • Confirming the existence of assets and recoverable
  • Listing all liabilities and obligations
  • Assessment of contingent liabilities and its impact
  • Validation of revenue stream and its recurrence
  • Linking of expenses to revenue stream

Our FDD Process Objectives:


We enhance information about the target business to increase the likelihood of a successful deal.


We focus on your individual requirements rather than providing a standard scope of work.


We deliver reports that provide expert opinion on current risks and future prospects of the target business.

Key Assignments:
  • Due diligence for a power transmission company in KSA
  • Financial Due Diligence (FDD) for travel agents in KSA
  • FDD for a construction company under consideration for acquisition of a large real estate company in KSA
  • FDD of a Polish technology company
  • FDD of a mid-size restaurant chain in KSA
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