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Kenilworth Global Fin Advisors is a value creation partner for Consulting companies, CPA, Accounting, Investment Banks, PE & VC, and Law firms. We ethically maximize wealth for our partners by fulfilling otherwise unmet customers needs in Financial Valuation, Due diligence, Accounting services, Investment & Business Research and Business Advisory services. We constantly innovate our service offerings and delivery through accelerated technological advances leading to improved productivity, shareholder value, profitability, globalization, value innovation and diversity in skillsets. We partner selectively and deliberately with clients to help them be vigilant to forces of change affecting the consulting, finance, accounting, and legal businesses. Through our genuine assets of technology, expertise, people and trusted brand value, we help clients like you focus on your core business while we create value through our balanced focus and solutions, refined regularly through disciplined performance measurement and valuation.

The teams bring together a experience of 15 years in research & financial consulting with expertise in a number of sectors in the US, GCC countries, Africa and the Asia Pacific region. Our offices are located in the Middle East, North America, Africa, and Asia. We have a team of experts and experienced individuals, who provide unique solutions to complex business situations. Be it business restructuring, M&A, complex valuation or due diligence; we support our clients end-to-end in their business needs.

Our team of experienced consultants have been in senior financial advisory and consulting roles with top investment banks, big 4 accounting & assurance firms, and top consulting & rating firms globally. We are known for precisely assessing the client situation needs, and helping them identify the best possible solutions.We have consistently strived to build world-class research capabilities and differentiated ourselves by offering a broad spectrum of knowledge solutions and developing capabilities to deliver high-end research work.

Each solution is tailored individually to clients, taking into account their culture and needs, and what will work for them. We normally work in small but efficient teams that comprise specific experts according to the specific project demands.

Our research solutions are structured into five broad business lines:

  • Investment Research
  • Business Research
  • Valuation
  • Business Advisory Services
  • Accounting Services
  • Litigation Support

Kenilworth Global Fin Advisors leadership team comprises individuals with extensive experience in research, strategy consulting and organization building, financial re-engineering and consulting.

Over the years, Kenilworth Global Fin Advisors has had the privilege of working for some of the top names (listed/unlisted entities) in the US and the Middle East & Africa region.

“I have been working with Manish for over 9 years, and in this time he has proven to be not only an effective team leader, but also one to grasp out of of the box concepts that many (if not most) would simply look at you and say “Duh1″. He is professional, fast producing, and most importantly – he produces good work. It is literally a pleasure for me to write this recommendation for him.”

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