Why private equity firms must be agile in today’s economy

In today’s complex macroeconomic environment, private equity firms are facing pressure on multiple fronts. Deals are harder to come by, valuations are under pressure, and fundraising is becoming more difficult.


Despite the challenges, we believe that private equity remains an attractive investment option for those seeking to generate long-term returns. By understanding how firms are likely to adapt in the current environment, investors can position themselves to take advantage of potential opportunities as they arise.

PE firms are facing a complex macro environment and are rethinking their strategies for dealmaking, holding periods, and exits. Deal activity has slowed in recent months as PE firms have been more cautious in their investment decisions. However, PE firms believe that there are still opportunities in today’s market. While exits may be more difficult to achieve in the current climate, PE firms are confident that they will be able to navigate the challenges and continue to generate returns for their investors.

Firms need to become more rapidly evolving and risk-focused in their approach toward dealmaking, holding periods, fundraising, and more in the current environment.

PE firms will need to be strategic in their approach to exits. While the sale of portfolio companies to other sponsors or corporates will be the primary path to exit in 2022, public markets are likely to remain an unattractive option for most firms. With volatility at elevated levels and prices depressed, navigating today’s market challenges will require a careful and thoughtful approach. Meanwhile, holding periods have lengthened as firms seek to wait out market volatility. And fundraising has become more challenging as LPs have become more cautious with their commitments.

In light of these challenges, private equity firms are adapting their strategies in order to navigate the current macro environment successfully.

In terms of dealmaking, firms are focused on finding attractive opportunities in niche sectors and markets where there is less competition. They are also seeking to invest in companies that have strong fundamentals and are well-positioned to weather economic uncertainty.

In terms of holding periods, private equity firms are adopting a more patient approach, keeping investments for longer to realize greater returns. And in terms of fundraising, firms are targeting a wider range of LPs, including family offices and sovereign wealth funds, in order to diversify their investor base.

By taking these steps, private equity firms will be better positioned to succeed in today’s complex macroeconomic environment.

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